1,2,3,4 Honey, a HoodRat is At My Door!

I usually blog about worldly stuff - economic collapse, war, nation-building, etc. But sometimes a more important event happens right at home. This one has to do with my daughter, her lover, and a movie script....

My daughter is bi-sexual - meaning basically she's attracted to human flesh be it male or female. She met a person while attending a trade school in Kansas City, MO and her name is D as in Desiree. I'm using D's real name, at least the name she gives people. I'm hoping someone will Google her name and find this post. Anyway...

D is bad news. Every teacher, counselor, and student at the trade school told me the same thing. D is trouble. She lasted all of 3 weeks in school before dropping out for the umpteenth time. Even her peeps tell me she's bad news. So I kept all of this in consideration, but my daughter was in love with D. And keeping them apart just makes the affection stronger. So, we - her mom and I -decided to let it flow and give D the benefit of the doubt, until we met her.


There's a lot to the background but suffice it to say that D was expelled, my daughter wound up on medical leave so the two of them got separated. As young love often is impatient, my daughter couldn't wait to get her cell phone back, so we allowed her to use ours. Big Mistake. D blew up my phone non-stop, even when we asked her nicely not to, that we'd have our daughter call her back just as soon as possible. She refused to oblige, so Mom and D had it out over the phone.....

For my part, I tried to stay fair and civil, but then I didn't talk to D but once. That conversation was cordial but seemed forced from D.

So over the past 4 months, while my daughter was on medical leave, there was of calls, text, IM, lovey dovey, and kiss my a** conversations between our daughter and D. They talked about a lot of things including moving in together be it here or in Kansas City. We still wanted to meet this person they call Desiree, but she came up with every excuse under the sun not to come here.

You would think that an effort would be made to come to your girlfriend's 18th birthday party, no matter how far away it may seem. But no, D couldn't do that. But should COULD come 2 days afterward, which is where this story gets interesting.

"I'm Here For Your Daughter"

Two days after the birthday party I get a page from my daughter and a separate one from her Mom saying that D is in town. Apparently she wants my daughter to go with her back to KC. My daughter loves us and I think that is the only reason she refused to go, as bad as she wanted to. She was packed and everything but wanted to say goodbye to us in person. So she made D wait until we got home. It brings joy to my heart to know she loves us enough not to just walk out. It also gave me some time to meet D.

I got home and found no one at the house or in front of the house so I was a bit disappointed. My daughter was upstairs crying. D apparently gave her an ultimatum or something. As we were talking, her mom came home and as all three of us were talking in her bedroom the Knock came to the front door. I went downstairs to open it (had Mom gone down there, D might be dead right now). She - all of 5' of her was leaning on the door frame, looked up at me and says "I'm here for ". It was like she's a pimp who came to accept delivery of a new bitch. No Hi, no how are you, no introduction whatsoever. I overlooked it, but didn't forget.

"Okay", I said. "And you are..?"
"I'm D. Desiree and asked me to come get her".
"Oh, really? Well D, it's nice to meet you. You're just the person I wanted to talk to" as I shook her hand. "Won't you come in?"

She stepped in and we went upstairs where I asked if she'd like a drink and to make herself comfortable. She said they were on a tight schedule so I asked if she had 5 minutes to talk. She said yes so we went to kitchen where I poured myself something to drink.

I asked her what she and my daughter planned to do once they got back to KC. How would they take care of themselves. And she gave me a line or two that my daughter can finish up high school with her. D has been on her own since she was 14 and raised her little brother. But she couldn't give a me a good reason why my daughter cannot finish high school here THEN go to KC with a job.

She offers me the reassurance that her older "sister" would be taking care of them while in school. To wit I replied my daughter isn't her sister's responsibility. But thanks for the offer.

I asked her where she worked and she said she works for a contractor for Job Corps and that's why they have to leave ASAP so she can get enough sleep to get to work the next day. LIE NUMBER 1. She told my daughter she was unemployed but was to start a new job on Monday. So she either lied to me or she lied to my daughter - either way is bad news.....

We then proceeded with the conversation and she tells me that my daughter asked to leave and because she is 18 I can't stop her from leaving. So I called my daughter to come down and she did, with Mom.

"Oh really." I said. "Is this true" as I looked at my daughter.
"yes" she says very sheepishly. "but, not to go to KC"

D looked stunned. Turned out my daughter only wanted to roll with them for the day, maybe even hanging out a the local hotel.

"Well I got news for both of you. I have power of attorney over my daughter". As I looked at D I said "Do you know what power of attorney is?"
"What is it?"
"Well, I..." as she fidgets with her cell phone. "I know she's 18 and she can leave whenever she wants"
"Right, and with power of attorney, I can call the police and they will pick her up and bring her right back home" I said.
"Not if she's 18" D insists
"You clearly don't know what power of attorney means. Why don't you look it up on the fancy cell phone and tell me what it means. Google it or something".

That was LIE NUMBER 2.

The conversation goes on, this time Mom got involved talking about her attitude going back to December. That's when I chimed in.

"I really didn't like your attitude at the door. No introduction, just 'I'm here to pick up my bitch'"
"That's not what I said"
"Your first words were 'I'm here for '.
"No it wasn't"


So in the course of just 6 minutes she lied me 3 times. Sad thing is if she was just being truthful, she may have found a friend in me. But no she had to lie, unnecessarily.

The story doesn't end there.....

I need a second opinion

By the time the third lie rolled around, she got the 10th text message telling her they have to leave. I said fine, go on. And she left.

2 minutes later, she's still outside my door on the cell phone. By this time we had already called the police, so I went out to remind them they were late and had to get home.

"I thought yall had to go?" I said, standing just a few feet from D and another girl.
"The police are coming. We need a second opinion on this power of attorney" D says, with the phone stuck to here ear.
"huh,second opinion" I said under my breath as I turned to go back in to the house and wait for the police.

The police showed up - two squad cars. One officer separated us while the other officer dealt with D's 5 Crew (they had 5 kids inside a car and wanted to squeeze my daughter in for a 4 hour trip). D got a ticket for trespassing as did the driver and they shuffled back to KC - without my daughter.

They now have a court date that I'm sure they'll miss. But if they make it, so will I.


I later found out that D's sister did not offer to take care of my daughter. On the contrary, she told my daughter that she couldn't take care of both of them. D is more than she can handle.

Stay Tuned. This could get even more interesting.

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