Goodbye, Mr. Jackson

As everyone knows by now Michael Jackson, a person who's life and work I admired greatly, passed away yesterday 6/25/2009. My condolences to the Jackson family and friends. Like all of his millions of fans, I'm deeply saddened by his departure. My only wish is that the haters and naysayers who dogged him since 1987 will give him, the Jackson family, and all of us devoted fans the peace we deserve.

As I listened to the radio today, the DJ was asking people to call in to tell everyone what Jackson hit meant the most to them and why. Well as a fan, I have several, but the one that hit home the most was a somewhat obsure song that never made it to the clubs or even on most radio stations - Leave Me Alone from the album Bad. The song was the first of several songs telling people to get out of his business.

At the time I was in college and in my social circles I had people all up in my business too (although no where near what MJ was dealing with), so the song really resonated with me. Leave Me Alone fit my mood perfectly. Also I liked the fact he fought back negativity in the best possible way, through his music.

Farewell Mr. Jackson. As I listen to "Keep the Faith" on my PC now, I wish you well in your new resting place. Thank you for showing us the Man in the Mirror for that is the only way We Can Change the World.

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