The New Chrysler and the Fenton, MO Plant

Senator Claire McCaskill Meets With Chrysler

You know how much it hurts to say this, but it must be said - again..... My friends who work at the Fenton, MO plant are being let go, possibly permanently. Much has been said and much is known about the Chrysler restructuring. And I cannot conceiveably blame McCaskill for going to bat for my fellow Americans who just completed their last day at Chrysler. However, I can point out that her "talks" with Chrysler not only won't do much good, but it political grandstanding at its finest.

I don't care much for Claire McCaskill, and this latest stunt is just one more example why. First of all, Chrysler is no longer an American car company. Everyone who's read the newspaper or listened to tv or radio knows by now that Chrysler is now an Italian car company who's parent company is Fiat. Being a senator, I must assume she knows this. Fiat's first priority is not to keep Americans working. In fact, the status of the American work force, particularly at Fenton is of no concern to Fiat. It's primary mission is to get new, exciting cars to market as quickly as possible. If Ms. McCaskill has any sense, she should know that too.

Fiat is keeping some American plants open, but not all. They can't afford to keep them all open just to keep people employed. They have to restructure and that requires some very, very difficult decisions. Everyone at Chrysler knew such decisions were necessary.

So what's the purpose of this "meeting"? So that when it comes to her re-election bid, she can say she tried. But why raise the hopes of so many people - including people like me who have no connection to Chrysler? Congress gave Chrysler an ultimatum which included the Fiat deal. Now that the deal is done, and the economics didn't work out in your favor, McCaskill is crying foul? Talk about hypocrisy!

To my friends at the Fenton, MO plant, I'm very sorry that your company is in such deep trouble. In spite of my rhetoric, I do hope that McCaskill or any other government official can help each and every one of you through this difficult period. I may not work there, nor work in any related industry, but like all workers in all industries - our livelihood depends directly upon our customers being employed, with steady incomes and able to purchase our goods and services. Whether you know it or not, some of you are my customers. If you're unable to continue buying my products, I will struggle as well, and in fact already have. My point is, it is imperative we keep the work flowing for all those who want to work.

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