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Public 1, Amazon 0: Giant Retailer Caves to Pressure

This is sad on many levels. 


First, the hypocrisy is typical of the American public.  We cry foul when our right to free speech is trampled with, yet get incensed when someone says (or writes) something like this book.  Then we have the nerve to chastise the bookstore selling it.  Can't eat our cake and have it too - either support free speech or not. 

Second, the mere fact that this author felt "compelled" to write is troubling enough, but the fact we are all jumping to conclusion by literally judging the book from its cover is even more troubling.   Read it first, then you can pass judgment.  (For the record I haven't read it, thus I am not compelled to judge the author's intent or message).

Third - for Amazon to back down means that the public at large has won.  The public has pushed this topic back underground where it will continue to fester and claim even more victims.  We have an opportunity here to address this issue.  Like it or not, this book will be sold by others and now that we've given the book free publicity, it will become even more popular. 

Hopefully, the author's intent and message is as positive as he claims.  But then, we don't really care, do we?

Adult Conversation? In Congress? Seriously?

Finally some real solutions!  But of course, it didn't come from the GOP or from Democrats.  It's far too volatile and far too complex for a politician to understand.

The story is from the Associated Press, and the report is from a bi-partisan deficit commission that Obama initiated in February 2010.  In short, it calls for serious cuts and tax increases - something all of the intelligent people already knew was necessary.  This report is for the politicians who tend to be slower afoot........

Well America has spoken!  The mid-term elections of 2010 dictates that we reduce the deficit - but in a way that allows us to keep drawing unemployment benefits, keep Medicare/Medicaid, make sure no government workers are fired, and make sure we keep defense contracts in our state and that our roads and bridges don't fall apart.  Most of all let's make sure that we also keep feeding, housing, and supporting our troops overseas.  Oh and we cannot let education fall by the wayside either.  And of course, we need to keep our airlines safe from harm too.... Got that? 

Now... Git 'er done!!!!


SkyRider - Worst Seats On the Plane

The SkyRider - Worst Idea for Airlines Yet!

Oh you have got to be kidding!!!   As a very tall passenger with a need for more legroom, some airline out there is trying to reduce that legroom even more?  On top of that, I have to squat for an entire flight (I doubt the seats will adjust high enough for me to straddle).  I want to know who is looking at this seat so I can make sure they don't get any money from me - be it through ticket sales or through my 401k investments.

Since they are going there, I have a better idea.   Why not invest in.......STASIS CHAMBERS??  That's right you would check your bags and your body in when you arrive at the airport.  The airline would give you a pill to swallow, which knocks you out, then they'll put you in a pod and load you and your bags in a cargo plane.  Think of what this would do for you and the airline!

For starters, the fact that you are comatose means you won't have to deal with the long security lines.  How great is that? They would simply put you and your bags in the scanner - just to make sure you didn't hide any timed explosives.   On top of that, you won't have to wait in those in worn out seats for your flight.  You would be in the same cargo hold as your baggage.  Then when your plane arrives, off you go onto the baggage cart and dumped into the plane...

Think of all that money that would be saved!  For you, no more buying unnecessary food and products from all of those vendors in the airport.  Save your money for your destination.  For the airline the savings is enormous......

No more need for flight attendants.  No more need to serve food even on long flights.  No more need for movies, WiFi, or any other entertainment.  No more unruly passengers.  No more babies crying.  Faster boarding process. More even weight distribution. And on top of all that, you can squeeze 50% to 80% more people on one flight!!!! Just stack the people, maybe in columns of 4 and rows of 8. The only additional expense you'd really incur is that you'd have to have a doctor or medical professional to monitor the chambers and vital signs of its occupants. 

And as a bonus, check this out.......In the event of an accident, these chambers would protect you from harm!!!  That's right!  Since they are stasis chambers, they would have to be airtight, watertight, each with their own oxygen generators.  They can even send a beacon indicating your position and allow safety crews to locate you. 

Somehow, even with such great technology, many airlines would still find a way to be unprofitable.   Tsk. Tsk.


NewsFlash! Health Care Reform was a GOP Idea

I really don't understand the GOP's fierce resistance to the recently passed Health Care Reform Law. Is it because a Democratic president and Congress pushed it through and the GOP did not? Jealousy maybe? No way. I can only conclude it is sheer politics. The "enemy" passed a bill that garnered some resistance in society and now the GOP is playing on that resistance. Classic!

In November, 1993, Sen. John Chafee, R-R.I. introduced a bill that had the exact same universal rule requiring everyone to purchase insurance. The bill was never debated let alone voted upon, but it was a Republican idea. The idea became a reality in Massachusetts when Gov. Mitt Romney-R signed the nations first universal health care bill in 2006. No Republican cried foul in either case.

Furthermore, such staunch defiance runs counter to Republican's business-friendly reputation. One, all businesses would love to have a captive market and universal health care would provide it - for insurance companies. Two, hospitals - which are also businesses - would like to get paid more times than not when they perform services. Three, with everyone paying in to the system, businesses, particularly small businesses will see their health care costs go down. And four, with everyone having insurance, people can afford to go to a doctor or clinic. A healthy labor force is the most productive labor force. There is a reason why hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and many businesses are on board with this idea.... Think about it.

President Obama tried to unite Congress and the country, and he chose the ideal vehicle to do so - a Republican idea - to address a major issue in our society. Instead being heroes, the GOP refused to play and are actively seeking to divide the country, and for what?

Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe the GOP simply doesn't see the problem. All Republicans already have insurance. They can afford to get sick. They got theirs, the rest of the world be damned!

Republicans will pick up seats come November, not because they are suddenly the savior of the country, but because a large chunk of Democratic supporters who voted in 2006 and in 2008 won't go to the polls in 2010. If the GOP does obtain a majority in Congress, I hope Obama will not try to pass a bill created by the GOP or any act based upon feedback from the Republicans. It can only turn out badly.


Health Care reform exemption

KWMU: Missouri Republicans try to exempt state from health care overhaul (2009-12-09)

Talk About Showboating....

Do these knuckleheads, er Republicans, not understand how government works? Federal law always trumps local and state law, so what are they gaining by declaring that Missouri should be exempt? For that matter, even if Missouri does get an exemption - they better have a better way forward. And if they have such a great plan how come we don't have affordable insurance in Missouri yet???!!!!!!

I know why, because Missouri State Republicans don't have a clue. But they sure know how to put on good theater.

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