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Public 1, Amazon 0: Giant Retailer Caves to Pressure

This is sad on many levels. 


First, the hypocrisy is typical of the American public.  We cry foul when our right to free speech is trampled with, yet get incensed when someone says (or writes) something like this book.  Then we have the nerve to chastise the bookstore selling it.  Can't eat our cake and have it too - either support free speech or not. 

Second, the mere fact that this author felt "compelled" to write is troubling enough, but the fact we are all jumping to conclusion by literally judging the book from its cover is even more troubling.   Read it first, then you can pass judgment.  (For the record I haven't read it, thus I am not compelled to judge the author's intent or message).

Third - for Amazon to back down means that the public at large has won.  The public has pushed this topic back underground where it will continue to fester and claim even more victims.  We have an opportunity here to address this issue.  Like it or not, this book will be sold by others and now that we've given the book free publicity, it will become even more popular. 

Hopefully, the author's intent and message is as positive as he claims.  But then, we don't really care, do we?

Adult Conversation? In Congress? Seriously?

Finally some real solutions!  But of course, it didn't come from the GOP or from Democrats.  It's far too volatile and far too complex for a politician to understand.

The story is from the Associated Press, and the report is from a bi-partisan deficit commission that Obama initiated in February 2010.  In short, it calls for serious cuts and tax increases - something all of the intelligent people already knew was necessary.  This report is for the politicians who tend to be slower afoot........

Well America has spoken!  The mid-term elections of 2010 dictates that we reduce the deficit - but in a way that allows us to keep drawing unemployment benefits, keep Medicare/Medicaid, make sure no government workers are fired, and make sure we keep defense contracts in our state and that our roads and bridges don't fall apart.  Most of all let's make sure that we also keep feeding, housing, and supporting our troops overseas.  Oh and we cannot let education fall by the wayside either.  And of course, we need to keep our airlines safe from harm too.... Got that? 

Now... Git 'er done!!!!

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