What is Gingrich Smoking and How Can We Regulate It?


Talk about playing to the crowd....  Apparently Mr. Gingrich thinks we are stupid.  He wants us to believe that Leon Panetta wants to hand over our military to the International community.  Further, Mr Gingrich thinks the USA has full authority to act on Syria unilaterally with no input or approvals from our friends and allies.  We tried that already - in Iraq,  Afghanistan, and Vietnam.  None of which turned out very well.  Now he wants us to break Syria. 

This is why you are failing in the polls, Mr. Gingrich - you are not paying attention, and talk considerable smack.    Are you a war merchant like Dick Cheney?  What is your interest in taking on Syria?  Do you also have a Halliburton (military contractor) greasing your palm?  And spare me the "it is the right thing to do for the Syrian people" speech, we both know that is your political slant, not the real reason.  You are far to enchanted in your own greatness to care about what happens to other people, especially non-Americans. 

I could go on, but I am through wasting my breath on this subject.  Good luck on the campaign trail Mr. Gingrich and don't let the door hit you on the way out. 

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