And How Would He Know?

Mitt Romney: Claim I didn't pay taxes 'false' but won't release records

Mr. Romney has already stated under oath that he doesn't prepare nor reads his tax returns.  He merely signs them under penalty of perjury.  (in case you didn't catch that, Romney effectively admitted to breaking the law). 

There's dirt in them there 1040 forms.   Since he won't release the forms we can only guess - and gossip about our theories- making his decision a potentially fateful one.


Very plausible, given the economic downturn and Romney's use of off shore accounts.  Governor Romney is a very wealthy man.  His riches are largely in stocks and capital gains.  IRS rules allow for citizens to deduct losses in the stock market and if the losses are large enough, one could pay $0 in income taxes.  From 2007 to 2009 the market was in a downfall, steep enough to allow corporate giants like GE to pay no taxes.  So it is entirely possible the Romneys had at least 2 years of zero taxes.


Another possibility is that the Romneys were hiding money in foreign bank accounts for years to avoid paying taxes.  When the IRS cracked down on such scofflaws in 2008, offering amnesty, Romney obliged.  Tax records would show this to be the case.  Is this the "ammunition" Ann Romney spoke of?


 Mitt Romney clearly doesn't understand what the issue is.   There is a reason that Democrats, Independents, and yes even Romney's own surrogates are pressing for him to release his tax returns.  Tax returns say a lot about the candidate - not just how much money  he/she makes, but whether they are dutifully fulfilling their obligation as American citizens.

Romney isn't trusted by many people including me.  He's claims to be a businessman who knows how to create jobs, but yet he didn't bring that "experience" with him to the Governor's mansion in 2002 where Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation while he was in office - and this was BEFORE the Great Recession.  The unemployment rate went down only because young talent left the state (a situation known as "brain drain").  Hence why he doesn't speak of his time in office.

Romney passed universal health care in Massachuesetts - a crowning achievement that has by all accounts been successful. But now he wants to repeal Obamacare - a carbon copy of Romneycare.  Y'all know the stories... Which is the point: his tax returns will show he is honestly and truthfully paying his share in taxes and that he's not this vague, deceitful, little rich guy we've come to know.

But then again - maybe his returns will reveal just how deceitful he really is and that's why he cannot release any more than 2 years of returns.

It may be too late though.  By fighting this so hard, Rommey has forced people to guess what's in them.  And that's never good.  It also makes him appear to be hiding something or perhaps he's stalling - amending returns to make them look "better" before releasing them.  He's done that before when he paid taxes as a Utah resident back in 2000 when he was running the Olympic Games.  Then when he wanted to run for governor of Massachusetts in 2002, he found himself in a pickle.

Massachusetts law stipulates that an eligible candidate must have lived in the state continuously for at least 7 years prior to the election.  The 2000 tax returns was a problem since it clearly showed he wasn't living in Massachusetts.  No Problem!  Just file an amended return to say he lived in Massachusetts.  Tada! Problem solved.

This question will never go away and will become even more fodder as we approach the debates.  

Dear Jane - That's Not Quite Right

Cumberland Times News : If anybody hates women, it’s not the Republicans

GOP Hates Women? Well Yeah, Kinda

Dear Jane Webster:

How do Republicans reproduce you ask?  The reproduce because they love sex, not women, but sex.  As a woman I hope you know the difference.  We (Americans) have long held women as somehow less than a full citizen, but yet we reproduced...  In other words, we men do not have to love women to reproduce. 

The ladies you mentioned Sarah Palin, Condoleeza Rice, Kristi Noem, Michele Bachmann, Jan Brewer, Susana Martinez, Mary Falin, and Nicki Haley - I'm afraid they are tokens.  The "war on women" was coined by liberal media because of policy not because they hate particular women.  None of the women you mentioned have initiated restrictions on access to women's health care.   Forced ultrasounds (Virginia, Pennsylvania), forced closures of Planned Parenthood (Texas, Kansas) and outright assault on abortion providers (Mississippi, Kansas, others) were all put in place by MEN - all of whom are Republicans.   And these ladies have remained silent on the issue.  That's what tokens do. 

As for the networks not broadcasting Ann Romney's address - it was decided LONG ago that they would cover three (3) days of each convention.  Three days for the Democrats, and three days for the Republicans. The GOP is demanding 4 days and because they didn't get it -are crying foul.  Ann Romney will probably get moved to another day, and I hope she does because I want to see her too.  But that means some other woman will NOT be seen on national TV. 

If the GOP were smart - and I have reason to believe they are -  they should use the one day that will NOT be on the air to present their platform.  Announcing it in prime time (particularly the abortion clause: no exceptions for rape/incest), could be detrimental.  I'm just saying....

Teresa Heinz-Kerry isn't a fair comparison to Mitt Romney.  You made the same mistake Romney has - assuming that the issue is money.  It's not.  It never has been. There are many reasons for tax returns - chief among them is whether the candidate followed the law.  We can also see what tax laws they may favor.  

The Kerrys released their tax returns for multiple years as is tradition.  As a result, there was no guessing what was in them, no insinuation, no hiding, it is what it is.  Romney on the other hand has made excuse after excuse - the latest being a direct contradiction to prior statements - on why he will not release tax returns.   Had he released them months ago - this would no longer be an issue and we'd be talking about something else.  Kerry was upfront and transparent.  Romney is not. 

Finally, you are correct the Republican Party once stood for women's suffrage and other human equalities - but that is now ancient history.  A lot has changed since then.  After the Civil War, Democrats ruled the South - supporting Jim Crow laws, voter suppression and opposing women's suffrage.  But the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s changed all of that particularly after the GOP adopted its so-called Southern Strategy.  Now it is Democrats who support the rights of minorities and women far more than the GOP.

I admire your passion.  Please keep writing!


Christopher Tracy



Julian Assange: Hero Runs from Fight

Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum

What a coward.  Assange thinks he's brave enough to leak a million sensitive documents but he'll only do it from afar.  He (allegedly) assaulted women in Sweden, claims he's innocent but won't face the music.  And this man is somehow a hero?? 

If he were a real hero he'd man up, face down the charges and pay the penalty if necessary.  Real heroes risk everything for their cause.  They'll risk their career (Muhammad Ali), their freedom (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), even their life (every soldier, firefighter, police officer and first responder). 

Julian Assange is about as heroic as the tooth fairy. 

Ecuador is well within their right to grant asylum to whomever they please, but they've been duped.  The US has no means to try or prosecute him as a foreign national.  We have a much bigger interest in the person or persons who provided the sensitive material for THEY are the ones who breached security.  Assange was only the messenger - the person who leaked the documents to the masses. 

Assange clearly doesn't understand US Justice or American interests.  Neither does Ecuador.  And he has successfully suckered Ecuador by confusing the two issues to create a conspiracy. 

I can't wait to see what happens when he screws up in Ecuador.


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