Julian Assange: Hero Runs from Fight

Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum

What a coward.  Assange thinks he's brave enough to leak a million sensitive documents but he'll only do it from afar.  He (allegedly) assaulted women in Sweden, claims he's innocent but won't face the music.  And this man is somehow a hero?? 

If he were a real hero he'd man up, face down the charges and pay the penalty if necessary.  Real heroes risk everything for their cause.  They'll risk their career (Muhammad Ali), their freedom (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), even their life (every soldier, firefighter, police officer and first responder). 

Julian Assange is about as heroic as the tooth fairy. 

Ecuador is well within their right to grant asylum to whomever they please, but they've been duped.  The US has no means to try or prosecute him as a foreign national.  We have a much bigger interest in the person or persons who provided the sensitive material for THEY are the ones who breached security.  Assange was only the messenger - the person who leaked the documents to the masses. 

Assange clearly doesn't understand US Justice or American interests.  Neither does Ecuador.  And he has successfully suckered Ecuador by confusing the two issues to create a conspiracy. 

I can't wait to see what happens when he screws up in Ecuador.


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