What is Small Government? It's a White Male Thing Only Republicans Understand

Republicans Understand

Dear Friends,

I've been asked on numerous occasions to explain what conservatives mean by "small government".   How can the GOP reconcile this call for less government and more freedom while at the same time passing laws that restrict freedom and require more government (i.e. new abortion laws in Arkansas, North Dakota, and Mississippi - among other examples)?   Since I've heard no-one in the national media even attempt to explain, I thought I might give it a try.

Most of you who asked are not white, not male, and liberal by nature.  So it is understandable that you would be confused about the GOP agenda.  Allow me to explain.  

First, a few definitions:

Small government means that the Feds do not interfere with my business, nor restrict my rights to free speech, free press, freedom to assemble, or right to bear arms.   I should be allowed to cheat my customers, insult people I do not like,  hold anti-gay rallies at funerals, and shoot anyone who gets in my way. 

Responsible government has the moral obligation to prevent women from having abortions to save the lives of the unborn, block the sale of contraceptives that violate my religious principles, deport illegal immigrants and their children, keep gas prices low, remove all consumer protections that restricts commerce, provide our veterans with top-notch care, rid the world of evil dictators, and lead the world in business, science, medicine, education, military might and readiness.  All this - while cutting my taxes and without spending money. 

A responsible government should never buy food for the hungry, enforce arcane laws, provide healthcare for the sick, or offer insurance of any kind for anyone - domestic or abroad.  Doing so only hurts business since it leaves us less opportunities to exploit people. 

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