Profoundly surprised to see Alta Vista still alive.

A hail and farewell to AltaVista. http://goo.gl/mag/jN4Z3IJ


This is Why I never became a fan of iPhone

iOS 7: What We Want. http://goo.gl/mag/24qxbBN

And we want to legalize Mary Jane

Philadelphia equipment operator surrenders to police. http://goo.gl/mag/wde0KjA


Really? About time..

234 Years Later, NH Slaves Are Granted... http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/234-years-nh-slaves-granted-freedom-19349649

I applaud the intent, but question the motive.  Unless the slaves are to receive something  else, this emancipation means nothing.  Posthumous freedom is not the same as receiving a posthumous medal or award.

Heaven help us

Michele Bachmann Says She May Run for President Again in 2016: VIDEO. http://goo.gl/mag/jXCMuFq


Israel isnt ready

Israel Signals Readiness to Consider Land Swap. http://www.google.com/producer/editions/CAowqc_1AQ/voa_news/CAIiEJroXWwc1r3IPQkobTUPFtkqFwgEKg8IACoHCAowqc_1ATCe_xQw6pwi/israel_signals_readiness_to_consider_lan

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